Membership of AANMS

Membership of the AANMS is open to nuclear medicine specialists, trainee specialists (registrars), and other medical specialists with an active interest in nuclear medicine.

Becoming a member of the AANMS means you are joining with your professional colleagues in supporting YOUR PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION in maintaining a strong specialty, with appropriate recognition and benefits for all nuclear medicine specialists and their patients.

The AANMS is the ONLY professional organisation dedicated to working for the benefit of nuclear medicine specialists and their patients.

The AANMS is the key nuclear medicine organisation dealing with professional, quality, economic and workforce issues relevant to nuclear medicine, and as such, it is important for all nuclear medicine specialists to be active members.

Membership is available in a number of categories:

Membership – for those specialists who have completed advanced training in nuclear medicine, or other specialists whose experience and current work in the specialty is considered of an equivalent standard.

Fellowship - may be conferred on eligible Members of the Association; the use of the postnominals, "FAANMS" is contingent upon the Fellow maintaining financial membership of the AANMS each year.

Overseas Fellowship or Membership – conferred on those specialists otherwise considered eligible for Fellowship/Membership, but who have permanent or temporary residence overseas.

Trainee Membership – for any person who has commenced, but not completed, the JCTC's Advanced Training in Nuclear Medicine Program. Upon completion of training, Trainee Members will be transferred automatically to full Membership and will be eligible for election to Fellowship (subject to taking up financial membership of the AANMS).

Retired Fellowship
– for AANMS Fellows who have permanently retired from active clinical practice in nuclear medicine.

There is no fee for application, and applications for membership/Fellowship may be submitted at any time. Applications are considered at meetings of the AANMS Board, which meets four to six times per year, at which times the Board also considers the recommendations for election to Fellowship made by the AANMS Fellowship Committee.

A list of current AANMS consultant fellows/members can be viewed at the AANMS membership list page; note that this list contains only the names of those who are qualified nuclear medicine consultant members - it does not include trainee members who are currently completing their nuclear medicine advanced training.


If you have any queries, please contact the AANMS Secretariat.

Documents to download:

Application for Membership/Fellowship
Application for Trainee Membership
AANMS Privacy Policy

AANMS Constitution
AANMS Code of Conduct


Objectives of the AANMS include promotion and advancement of the practice of nuclear medicine in Australia, and representation of the interests of nuclear medicine practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.

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