Information for Patients who have been referred for a Nuclear Medicine Service - Revised March 2014

The Australasian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists (AANMS) is the main organisation in Australia and New Zealand for the specialty of nuclear medicine. The AANMS has a major role in making sure that all nuclear medicine services are of a very high standard.

The AANMS has put together some general information about nuclear medicine scans to give you an idea of what to expect when you are to have a nuclear medicine scan.

The nuclear medicine service where you are to have the scan will give you more detailed information about the actual type of scan you are to have. Be sure to read this information. If there is anything you don't understand, the nuclear medicine staff will be happy to answer your questions.

For information to help patients understand their nuclear medicine procedure, you can download the following leaflet in either mobile device or printable/desktop format:

   ptinfo_new_print_iconsmallPatient's Guide to Nuclear Medicine - version for mobile devices


  Patient's Guide to Nuclear Medicine - printable/desktop version

Information for Patients who have been referred for a Nuclear Medicine Therapy - Revised March 2014

Nuclear medicine is most commonly used to diagnose various diseases. However, it can also be used to treat some conditions like joint pain, or cancer pain in your bones or an overactive thyroid gland. This is called nuclear medicine therapy.

The following leaflet will answer some of the questions you may have when your doctor suggests you have nuclear medicine therapy. The nuclear medicine service will give you more detailed information about the treatment you are to have.

This leaflet can be downloaded in either a mobile version or a printable/desktop version:

therapy_new_print_iconsmall  Information About Your Nuclear Medicine Therapy - version for mobile devices

  Information About Your Nuclear Medicine Therapy - printable/desktop version



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