AANMS Cross-Sectional Anatomy Course

In 2006, as part of its Quality Nuclear Medicine Program, and with the assistance of the Australian Department of Health and Ageing, the AANMS developed a cross-sectional anatomy (CSA) course for nuclear medicine physicians and trainees. While the Course focuses on CSA relevant to nuclear medicine, an increasing number of other specialists and trainees (e.g. radiology trainees, radiation oncologists, rheumatologists) have found it very helpful for their practice, and are very welcome to attend, subject to limits on numbers as noted below.

The CSA Course is run over three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) once each year, and is currently run in Melbourne. To ensure maximum benefit to participants, the number of attendees is limited, and AANMS members and nuclear medicine physician trainees (for whom the CSA Course is now a required training component) do have first priority for registration.

The 2017 CSA Course was held over 12 - 14 May 2017, and covered the following major topics: MSK imaging (expanded lecture in 2017); Head & Neck; Skull Base; Chest (including 8th Edition of AJCC/WICC Tumour Nodal Staging System); Upper Abdomen; Abdomen - Liver Segments (new in 2017); Brain; Spine, and Pelvis. Other lectures will include Approach to CT Image Interpretation and Introductory CTCA Anatomy.

Please note that this Course now runs biennially, so the next Course will not be run until 2019.

For further information,please see the 2017 Course Aims and Objectives document below, or contact the AANMS at aanms[at]aanms.org.au:

2017 CSA Course Aims & Objectives

As an adjunct to the Course, purchase of the CD-based self-paced anatomy learning program, Anatomedia™ is highly recommended. Anatomedia™ is produced by the University of Melbourne, and is used in a number of lectures at the Course. It will help participants prepare for the Course and build on their learning afterwards. Further information about what it offers is available at: www.anatomedia.com



The AANMS CSA Course is conducted by radiologists with outstanding expertise in teaching in cross-sectional anatomy: Dr Robin Cassumbhoy, Dr Andrew Patrikeos, and Professor Alex Pitman.

Dr Robin Cassumbhoy, FRANZCR


Dr Andrew Patrikeos, FRANZCR, FAANMS


Professor Alex Pitman, FRANZCR FAANMS



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